2023 Atlantic Classic Sale October 6th, Start Time 12:30pm AST

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Click the above button to view each horse individually. Their pages include: TrackIt pedigree links, pdf pedigree pages, and photos and videos if provided by the consignor. Horses are listed alphabetically by name.  Or type the horse’s name in the search bar above to find your desired horse.

Watch the sale online at www.liveauctions.tv.

Create an account to bid online at www.liveautions.tv by contacting the Sale Manager, Julie Jamieson @ 902-569-1682. Accounts must be approved for online bidding no later than October 5th, 2023.

2023 Atlantic Classic Sale Out List

2023 Atlantic Classic Sale Preview

2023 Atlantic Classic Sale Updates

2023 Atlantic Classic Sale Results

Hip #HorseConsignor BuyerPrice
1Osprey ExplosionJeff Holmes Agent For Paul LarrabeeDaniel MacDonald$22,000.00
2Howmac GeneralHowmac Farms Ltd.Hollis Newson$18,000.00
3Red Dirt ParadiseLowell BalderstonRobin Lajeunesse$6,500.00
4Nun On The RunPaul WalkerAllison Cougle and Chantal Lafleur$9,500.00
5Justa Country BoyWilliam Andrew Agent for Denise Andrew
and Shelley Hennesey
Won't Back Down Stable$10,500.00
6Walkin Stagger OutMike BoutilierTaylor Doyle$10,000.00
7Howmac PowerballHowmac Farms Ltd.Douglas Matheson$14,000.00
8Kohens CreekMichael ClareyTrevs Campbell$5,000.00
9ResuscitateBelinda Gray/David WhiteAndrea Rennison$8,500.00
10Rosie All OverHeather and Melvin GamesterCarson Wilkie$3,000.00
11WickhamCharlotte Ranch Agent (Andre Moeller)Daniel Gaudreault$7,000.00
12The Silver DieselLeigh GavinGerard Kennedy$20,000.00
13Tobins ChesterWendell WilliamsDonald MacRae$40,000.00
15Camco TobyBlair CampbellBlair Hansen$9,000.00
16Lucky TicketMichael ClareyWill C Folland$4,000.00
17Red Cape AngelGuy TurbideRNARNA
18Countyline BabeKen GrahamJackie Heffernan$8,500.00
19Dusty Lane DixieDusty Lane FarmsDavid P Lund$15,000.00
20StagenameherculesBelinda Gray/David WhiteJeff Skinner$16,000.00
21Shes MaguireSaul LaniganDaniel Gaudreault$8,000.00
22Harry HolmesJeff HolmesHenry Poswaite$12,000.00
23Sneaky PeakyTulach ArdGLB Stable$26,000.00
24Elm Grove SummerElm Grove FarmsTracy Conway$17,000.00
25Windemere SaddyWindemere FarmsBilly Bell$7,500.00
26Woodmere SinatraWoodmere FarmJR Skinner$37,000.00
27ISLE BE GOING STAGStephen Johnston and Lynda RamsayOUT
28Dusty Lane MableDusty Lane FarmsGeorge Rennison$18,000.00
29Soul CrusherTulach ArdPatrick Hill$12,000.00
30Windemere LilyWindemere FarmsBlair Hansen$16,000.00
31Philly PinkneyRedland FarmsBrady Doyle$15,000.00
32Tobins Crown RoyalWendell WilliamsGrayland Farm$15,000.00
33Red Dirt RodeoLowell BalderstonDaniel Ross$33,000.00
34Woodmere DeltaWoodmere FarmRobert Sumarah$33,000.00
35OhmybeautifuldaisyBelinda Gray/David WhiteNicholas Oakes $9,000.00
36Oh ArtleighElmer Folland and Terra ProfittArt Kennedy$19,000.00
37Redland FancyRedland FarmsAlan MacDonald$13,000.00
38No Where SpecialWalter CheverieDouglas Oulton$8,500.00
39The Wicked OneCharlotte Ranch Agent (Andre Moeller)Daniel Gaudreault$20,000.00
40Promise Me LaterGarth ColeOUT
41One Lucky RoseHeather GamesterPhillip DesRoche$4,500.00
42Mountain SpiritMichael ClareyTyra Perry + Sophie Hughes$2,000.00
43Elm Grove SpruceElm Grove FarmsJanet Sanderson$15,000.00
44Doctor TedMitchell DowneyCharles Miles (Agent) $10,000.00
45Starship BeautyClaude PoirierKyle Williams$5,000.00
46Plenty of PurpleElm Grove Farms Agent for Kevin HarveyReg MacPherson$31,000.00
47Gotta LittlejingleWalter CheverieDouglas Oulton$7,000.00
48Woodmere ArmourWoodmere FarmReg MacPherson$33,000.00
49LadnamedharryJeff HennigarDanny Birt$10,000.00
50Mr. AndreychukEldred NicholsonRay MacPherson$9,000.00
51Tequila Blue RocaRobert Mc KinnonVaughan Doyle$5,000.00
52Oceanview JimmyBill RolosonD+B Racing$14,500.00
53Gettin LitJamie WhalenMike McGuigan $21,000.00
54Woodmere LunaWoodmere FarmGene Smallman30,000.00
55Southfield SummerSouthfield FarmsLeonard MacLellan$5,000.00
56SwordfromthestoneJeff HennigarOrville WIllis $8,500.00
57Jacks No JokerJennifer RitchieTodd Hall Racing $20,000.00
58Red Dirt MattjestyLowell BalderstonPaul Turbide$5,000.00
59Saulsbrook CamiSaulsbrook StableClare MacDonald (Agent)$15,000.00
60Roll Your CoinWoodmere Farm as agent for Phonsie MacEachern and Morah KerrScott Bell$26,000.00
61Dan SpeedWindemere Farms Agent D+B Racing $23,000.00
62Jack BoswallCraig Arsenault & Marc GallantMark MacDonell$3,000.00
63Ma BarkerPaul WalkerDoug MacGregor$13,000.00
64ReassuranceJeff HennigarSaul Lanigan$8,000.00
65Southfield PatrickSouthfield FarmsDanny Campbell$7,000.00
66UR In My ShuiWendy MacRaeRoger MacRae$4,000.00
67Woodmere KennedieWoodmere FarmMike Pollard$43,000.00
68Kiss My BetBrody EllisDaniel Gaudreault$12,000.00
69Sugar RollTulach ArdRyan MacLeod$24,000.00
70Zendayas First LadyJuanita and Alan MacLeodStephen Quinn$10,000.00
71Dusty Lane TitoDusty Lane FarmsDebbie Francis$17,000.00
72Roll On LewisRobert Mc KinnonCarl Bagnall$12,000.00
73Camco MartieBlair CampbellMackenzie Arsenault$3,500.00
74Check Your ChipJamie WhalenJackie Hefferhan$5,000.00
75No Shui JosePaul ConwayZachary Landry$27,000.00
76Treasures TarishaCharlotte Ranch Agent (Andre Moeller)David Ferguson$7,000.00
77Beers On MeOwen and Donna MacLeanCory Livingston$17,000.00
78Little River GalRobin BurkeMarc Campbell$30,000.00
79Woodmere SkylarWoodmere FarmArt Kenneday$26,000.00
80Elm Grove SurrealElm Grove FarmsGeorge Dennison$17,000.00
81Geary HillValerie PhelanOUT
82Played WellClark BustardDaniel Gaudrault$8,500.00
83Islebetu IslebeatuStephen Johnston and Lynda RamsayHeather Sheen$13,000.00
84Lady OlenaBlaine ThibeauDavid Coles$29,000.00
85Woodmere KatieWoodmere FarmKirk MacRae$37,000.00
86Elm Grove SpiritElm Grove FarmsAlan MacDonald$10,500.00
87Blue SakiEwen and Sterling TaylorDanny Ferguson$8,000.00
88Saulsbrook AnnieSaulsbrook StableDaniel Gaudreault$12,000.00
89Redland PeachesRedland FarmsJosh MacDonald$30,000.00
90Tobins MoonWendell WilliamsKevin Bailey + Rebecca MacKenzie$3,500.00
91Dauntless ShadowFaye WebsterUltimate Stable/ Sifoi Melanson - Agent$30,000.00
92Starship MikaClaude PoirierD+B Racing$8,000.00
93Kellys KiraCharlotte Ranch Agent (Andre Moeller)Hal + Ian Smith $27,000.00
94Elm Grove SaylorElm Grove FarmsPeter Smith$17,000.00
95Camco JoesieBlair CampbellWarren MacKinnon $8,000.00
96ShesmytreasureEldon MundleOUT
97Starship DestinyClaude PoirierPhillip DesRoches$4,500.00
98Saulsbrook WickedSaulsbrook StableDonna VanMeer$30,000.00
99Woodmere LaddyWoodmere FarmScott Bell$10,500.00
100BetheretinabitTulach ArdRobi Hughes$3,500.00
101Freaky FannyLeigh GavinJosh MacDonald$21,000.00
102Dunsan HarryDunsan Farms Agent for Wayne OakesSaul Lanigain$9,500.00
103Mr. GallantEldred NicholsonBoyd MacDonald Produce Ltd.$26,000.00
104Camco LaraidoBlair CampbellPhillip DesRoches$10,000.00
105Windemere EvalineWindemere FarmsIan Tate$30,000.00
106Dream WalkingBelinda Gray/David WhiteGraylan Farm$12,500.00
107Cuzisaidso BeachJennifer RitchiePaula Fraser$10,000.00
108Incredible WillieEldred NicholsonJackie Heffernon$29,000.00
109Elm Grove SupportElm Grove FarmsDone For The Day Stable$10,500.00
110A Shui She GoesTulach ArdNorman Fiander$3,500.00
111Woodmere BrettaWoodmere FarmDr. Ian Moore$8,000.00
112Dusty Lane DarbyDusty Lane FarmsJared Perrot$16,000.00
113OligarchyJennifer RitchieCharlie Miles $5,500.00
114High RollerDoug MacPheeWade MacDonald $16,000.00
115Tobins Barn PartyWendell WilliamsDonald MacRae$26,000.00
116A Girl Named TomRobin BurkeDebbie Francis + Rosanne Langille$32,000.00
117Camco PhilBlair CampbellCarrie Saunders$3,500.00
118Born A Ramblin ManBrendan CurranChad Caughlin$3,000.00
119Chip of EvilElmer Folland and Terra ProfittIn A Rush Stable/ Ed Doucette $10,000.00
120Countyline SisKen GrahamKen Graham$5,500.00
121Starship NohaClaude PoirierMCR Starship Nora Group$7,500.00
123Howmac ExclusiveHowmac Farms Ltd.James Gorman$17,000.00
124Here's To ArtBlaine ThibeauClarke Smith$18,500.00
125Casual MistRobin BurkeBrady Doyle + Amy Doyle$9,000.00
126StinkeyeJamie WhalenHugh MacEachern$9,500.00
127Tobins HottieWendell WilliamsTodd + Trish Hardy$10,000.00
128Nanny Never Says NoRedland FarmsAaron Waxmen$15,000.00
129Black SpeedWindemere Farms Agent Blayne White$13,500.00
130Cardigan CutieRobin BurkeCorey MacPherson$17,000.00
131Saulsbrook PikaSaulsbrook StableDavid Kennedy + Ian Smith$26,000.00
132Dusty Lane HarperDusty Lane FarmsDustylane Harper Group (Natasha Campbell)$31,000.00
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